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Shafts that will work with existing shafts

Doug E

I asked a similar question a few weeks back with no real response from Titleist so am trying again.

I am going to switch out my AP2-716 6i and 5i to AP3-718s. (Maybe even an AP3 7i too.) I was fit for my AP2s with XP90s, though I am not necessarily convinced they were the right shafts for me. Be that as it may, I am now comfortable with the XP90s and have no desire to change them out at this point. So my question is, should I just have XP90s put in my new AP3 5 and 6 irons to match the rest of my irons, or would it make sense to use something else like the AMT with the stock, ascending mass shafts? Would those shafts be similar in weight and feel to my XP90s?

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  1. Don O

    Doug - you can compare the AP3 7 iron with both shafts. The XP-90 is listed as a higher launch than the AMT, so that may negate the benefit of the AP3 in longer irons. You can also try the stock samples in 5&6 irons with the AMT Black to get the feel of the AMT weighting. Titleist Thursday’s would have these options or the local rep can make them available.
    In my case i’m getting better performance with tha AP3’s with the AMT-Red than 716 AP1’s with the KK 65g graphite. I only got the 7-PW as the 7 closed some of the gap to a 25 hybrid. You can at least try RH samples. As a LH I only had the 7 fitting head.
  2. Don O

    BTW, my 54/58 wedges have the XP 95 but the 48 used the KK graphite. I’m changing it to the XP 95 primarily due questions of availability of the AMT for a reshafting. The AMT PW and the 54 w/XP 95 don’t feel much different.
  3. Matthew S

    As a fitter I would never recommend a different shaft throughout your iron set. the XP90 is still offered by Titleist and is NO upcharge in the 718 irons. Your best bet would be to order those irons with the XP90 and specs to match you current AP2. Titleist recommends going about 1* weaker in lofts when doing a combo set of AP3 long irons and AP2 mid/short irons, depending on how many you order you should take the lofts into consideration when ordering.
  4. Chuck Z

    Doug, I would recommend going to a Titleist fitter and checking them out. I hit the AMT shafts in Jacksonville and they said they are similar but again I would go to a fitter and have him/her put me on Trackman. I think the AMT shafts may hit the ball a little higher.
  5. Myles B

    Yes, I would use the same shafts. Just make sure the swing weight of the new AP3's match the existing AP2 set.

    You should also bear in mind that the 7-iron and 6-iron in the AP2 set (if standard) have 34 and 30 degrees of loft. The AP3 7-iron has 31 degrees of loft, the 6-iron 28 degrees, and the 5-iron 25 degrees.

    This means you will now have be jumping from a 7-iron with 34* loft to a 6-iron with 28* loft. Normally you should have 4 degrees between each iron to have 10-12 yard gaps. Your yardage with the new 6-iron may be significant. I'm not sure if you can change the AP3 lofts, as cast clubs are not adjustable like forged clubs.
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  6. Rob_Roth1

    I would go try them with the shaft you like to ensure they work. Guessing it's the best thing to do.

    Can you go to Titleist Thursday or even a True Spec or club champion?

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