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Titleist Thursday

Phil G

Last night (10/05/17) I was fit by Jake down in Orlando. All I can say is WOW! My old Irons (710 AP2) I absolutely loved. Jake has Fitted me for my driver, 3 wood and 2 hybrids so we know each other. He hands me the AP2 project x shaft and I notice an immediate difference in trajectory. Much higher ball flight. Then he hands me a AP3. As soon as it left the club I knew this is one hot face! Look at numbers on trackman and Instantly gain 10 yards. then he puts me in the T-MB. I didn't look to see what he had done and I didn't realize that he had switched clubs on me. After that it was all about shafts. From there we worked on gapping the distances of the hybrids. decided on the 818 H1. After that we went to a 19 degree "club". Jake told me he could give it to me in three different ways iron, hybrid or fairway. I am officially an old man now because I chose the fairway metal. I mentioned "heavenwood" and he said that it was similar in loft to one. I finally we decided on the AP3 6-P 818 H1 hybrid and the fairway metal. Jake did an out standing job explaining to me what the differences were in shaft flexes and lengths. Titleist you have awesome equipment and wonderful staff. Proud to be a Team Titleist member!

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