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Manchester Lane


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my fitting that I had yesterday, 10/6/17. It was at Manchester Lane. First off a little bit of history. This was my 4th fitting there which have taken place over 25yrs. Every one of them have been amazing. The level of professionalism and knowledge can not be beat. This latest fitting started off with scheduling the time and date. This is when I had my first interaction with Karen Gray. She was very understanding. She related to me that Manchester Lane was closing down early this year for some maintenance issues and would do her best to find me a opening. A few days later she did, Thank you so much. Upon arrival I was met by fitter at my car. His name was Patrick. He grabbed my clubs and brought them over to the testing area. Once there he had me loosen up by hitting my clubs. The whole time he was gathering information from that. As I was doing this I was Karen came over and introduced herself. So glad to meet her in person. After loosening up he asked what I was looking for in my game. I told him I am currently a 11.5 handicap. I don't mind giving up some distance for accuracy and want a proper gapping throughout bag. With that he started handing me clubs of different combinations (shaft flex, length, lie, etc..) and had me hit balls. He even worked in the different models (ap1, ap3...). After about 1 hr he had me dialed for irons. Then it was onto woods and wedges. This was about another hour long process. After all that he explained what was my best set up for success. The numbers do not lie. What he recommended I will be ordering exactly. Also note he fitted me for proper grip size also. After that I departed the Lane. I must admit I was tired. With the above stated I want to make it clear that if you can go there for a fitting please don't hesitate. What you experience is what a pro gets. You will not be disappointed. Keep in mind that being open to what they are doing will equal optimum results. These people are the best at what they do. Also once again I would like to offer a sincere thank you to Karen and Patrick. Titleist should be proud of having associates like you.....

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  1. Tyler H

    Thanks for the write-up Rooster. It sounds like they have you dialed in for success.

  2. Speedy

    Nice write up and couldn't agree more having the privilege of getting fitted there a few years ago. And you're right, going there with an open mind is the best advice you can give to anyone that's going.

    Can you tell/share us your new setup?
  3. Rooster

    My order went in today for 917 D2 10.5, 917 Fairway 18, 818 hybrid 19 (I was taken back by this with the fairway and hybrid being 1 degree off. The truth is because of shaft length the distances were gapped perfectfully). I was given a choice of AP1 and AP3 for irons. Distances of on center hits were close. Off center hits favored the AP1. I went with AP3 5-GW. Figured will be 55 next month, starting to shoot into 70's - low 80's. Currently 11.5 hdcp. Believe these awe inspiring clubs will propel me into the single digits...

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