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718 Fitting -- CB vs. AP2

Sean Jaeger

Team Titleist,

I could really use some help. I recently went to two Titleist Thursday's to hit the new 718 Irons. First and foremost, what an amazing experience -- being able to hit off grass with a Trackman, it was so valuable to see ball flight and dial in the numbers.

Despite the great experience, I am having difficulty choosing between the CB & AP2 Irons. I would say the numbers and "feel" are relatively similar for 6-PW. For the 4 & 5 irons, the extra forgiveness within the AP2 helps launch the ball into the air slightly better on off center hits, which is definitely an added benefit.

I am coming from an older set of CB's, so I am familiar with the "workability" of the irons. I would say I LIKE the look of the AP2's but LOVE the look of the CB's, slightly thinner overall cavity and topline.

Shaft: True Temper AMT Tour White S300.

Lastly, I am personally not too fond of combo sets. However, I wouldn't completely out-rule it. Fitter recommended to stick with AP2, due to the added forgiveness. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. 19hole

    Open yourself up to a combo set. You will get the workability you want in the short irons and the forgiveness in the long irons. This is more common than you might think. Personally I have been playing a combo set for over 10 years now....

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