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I’m reaching out for some serious help and Recommendations, I’m trying in vane to find someone or some facilitie that can Properly fit me for a new set of irons and woods I don’t feel the shafts that I have are the proper shafts, not quite sure about lie, there are no top line fitters in my area. Titleist Thursday’s don’t cut it for that I need. I had a appointment at the Manchester facility, That I had to cancel due to my mother’s health issues, are there any facilities in Illinois or close that know what there doing? I’m at a dead end here in Illinois. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Don O

    There is a Premier location in Bloomington, IL. Several around Chicago, and I use the one in Beloit, WI. After that, Manchester and Oceanside. There was a Regional in the Dallas area, but by the time you fly, either location is as accessible as Dallas. There should be a Premier location near St. Louis, but I couldn't locate any. If the Bloomington one doesn't work for you, you might want to call Titleist for a recommendation.
  2. Dino J

    Hi ... I checked the Titleist website to see if there were some fitting locations near you. I assumed that you are in or around the Chicago area so I searched and found that there are 2 - Premier fitting locations near you.

    One is at Olympia Fields and the other is at Pine Meadow Golf Club. I used the filter for facilities that are designated "Premier" fitting and with both launch monitors and outside fitting facilities.

    I'm not sure if you have tried to contact them, but they are closer than Massachusetts. Best wishes and I hope to hear about your club fitting experience and the clubs that you decided to go with!

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