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soft step

Steve S

Hello, I am strongly considering your AP3 irons with AMT black (stiff) shafts. Launch monitor specs indicate I am just inside the range(ball speed off face, etc.) to use a stiff flex. I'm currently a 12 handicap, overall game and swing is improving. Scores are slowly going lower as well. 66 years old and 7 iron distance is 155 to 165yds. It was recommended to soft step AMT black shafts. Is that an option with ascending mass shaft technology? Your thoughts and expertise are welcomed. thanks, Steve Savage

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  1. Joseph M

    AMT shafts increase in 3 grams increments- soft stepping a 4 iron (once) would be inserting a 3 gram lighter 3 iron shaft- an approximate 1/3 decrease in swingweight. Cutting 1/2 inch to 4 iron length will further lighten the shaft but I don't know by how much. In any event the final swing weight change (after cutting to 4 iron length) shouldn't be significant.

    Each 1/2 increase in shaft length equals 3 swing weight points so you could cut longer than 4 iron standard length to offset- one quarter inch increase would seem reasonable with slight increase in playing lie angle. I am not an expert, but, hopes this helps in your decision.

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