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AP2/AP3 combo irons

John S

Hi, I currently play AP2 714(2009) and I was looking to upgrade to a combo set AP3 irons 5,6,7 and 8,9,PW and Wedge. Because of the stronger lofts in the AP3 5,6 and 7 irons there would be a loft gap of 7deg between the AP3 7 iron and the AP2 8 iron. My question is can the lofts be graded between the AP3 to merge with the AP2 lofts? Any help with this would be appreciated.

Cheers John

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  1. Robert J

    That is why I got the AP3 in 4/5, then AP2, only had to bend the 5 iron one degree weak, now I have 4 degrees between all the clubs. Have you thought of this set up?
  2. 19hole

    It is possible to move the lofts to lessen the gap. You could weaken the AP3 a bit and strengthen the AP2 a bit, 1° on each should do it.
  3. Rob_Roth1

    Work with a titleist fitter and a account so they can tweak what you want.
  4. Lance B

    I ordered:

    AP3 3i-4i standard loft
    AP2 5i bent 1 degree strong
    AP2 6i-PW standard loft
  5. Scott Golightly

    I've received my 718 AP2's, 6-9 and am waiting on an AP3 5-iron that has been made 2* weak to fit into the loft-ladder of the AP2's (by degrees at least). I'm sure it won't be a PERFECT gap, I have a feeling based on what others have said that the 5-6 gap might be larger than gapping between 6-9 but will let you know!
  6. John S

    Thanks for all the replies. I have since had a fitting with Roddy from Titleist and he has got the loft gaps sorted for me thanks again Roddy
  7. Rob R

    can you share what they did?
  8. John S

    Hi Rob, the fitter Roddy suggested that we weaken the lofts by 1 and 2 degrees in the AP3 5 and 6 irons and this would then blend in with the standard lofts for the rest of the AP2 irons 7,8,9,PW and 50 deg gap wedge which I had in my original AP2 714 set. Just ordered them from Titleist and hope to be hitting them soon.
    All in all Roddy did a great job and well done to team Titleist fitting.

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