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Soft stepping KBS Tour 120

Nolan P

I am wanting to order new AP1/AP3 irons soft stepped. Will I have to specify that they are to be cut to standard length? I figured that if you’re soft stepping, the longer iron shaft will be put into a shorter iron (3 iron shaft in 4 iron, etc..) and unless trimmed, they would be a bit longer. Thanks

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Yes make sure who you're ordering from has all the specs as some people don't know what you mean by "soft stepping"
  2. Joseph M

    If shaft is not cut it would be 1/2 inch longer than the standard length for the individual club being soft stepped resulting in a 3 point increase in swing weight and an increase in playing lie angle- 1 degree seems to be the consensus. I would assume Titleist would automatically make the cut, but would either confirm with them or specify the lengths you want- maybe standard length stepped soft once covers it.

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