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Fitting at TPI

William D

Do the fitters get bothered too much when someone shows up and says, "I want to hit these certain clubs. Help me find a decent fit for these clubs so I can try them before we try the clubs that you think (know) that I should use." I see a lot of people that get fit and then buy something that they end up not liking. Is there a happy median between buying the right numbers and what you have your heart set on as a consumer?

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  1. Chris92009

    No not at Oceanside the fitters have always been receptive to input from the golfer...after all, it is your day!
  2. Todd T

    They'll let you hit everything and then let you see the Trackman numbers. They can tell after a few swings what clubs will be the best fit for you!

    Last time I was there I hit a MB 3 iron just for fun, two swings was good enough!
  3. Don O

    In their spare time when not fitting Adam, Jordan, or Justin, these guys are fitting amateurs. They've worked their way to get to these positions. If they tell you cavity backs aren't your best fit, but something else is, why would you not take the advice of the (best) experts you're paying? It's now been a year since I was fit at TPI for a D2 that gained me over 25 yards and I'm still drooling. I never would have tried that setup but watching the flight and the numbers, I had no choice. I've wanted AP2's for years but no one at the Premier sites would recommend them. A box store would have sold them to me. At a Titleist Thursday with the AP3s I finally got the green light - because the setup worked better than my current 716 AP1s that were the starting point. You can start with your current, try what you have on your mind, and they will take you from there. BTW, the AP3s have been magic.
  4. Fernando R


    No not at Oceanside the fitters have always been receptive to input from the golfer...after all, it is your day!

    Agree with Chris and Todd. I've just attended to seminars at Oceanside and a friend did his club fitting over there. He ended up with mixed brands, very happy. The fitter and trackman tells you the truth, and, yes, you can try anything.

    I should have done it, too!


  5. Dale V

    Agree. Travis at out Titleist Thursday fitting seemed to like that I knew what might work and was familiar with the new clubs/options. That said, he had me try the 718 T-MB's that I would have never thought would be good for me. Sure enough, the numbers looked great and the clubs felt the best. I didn't feel pressured to pick those at all. He was great about giving me options and letting me decide.

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