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New Titleist 718's Irons-Lower trajectory needed

brad l

I've had the same swing for 30+ years, I have an early release but have learned to play it fairly well. One of the issues with an early release is a very high launch angle (23 deg for 7i, goes 160 yards) My question is...

Which new 718 irons would best promote a low trajectory? Currently I like both the 718 AP1 & 718 TB.

Thanks, Brad

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  1. 19hole

    While the AP2 might lower your trajectory a bit, the real key is getting the correct shaft.

    When you go for your fitting make sure that you bring your current clubs and discuss your desire to lower your ball flight. The fitter will be able to help you out.
  2. AWells

    I just did a fitting with Kathy Stacyk at Northview Golf and CC here in Surrey, BC Canada. She had me try 4 different shafts all of which had as much as 10 degrees launch angle difference, regardless of wehter i was hitting aAP1 AP2 AP3 and T-MB and CB, the shafts can REALLY make a difference for you. Now I only did 4 shafts but there are MANY that are available all giving you different angles. You can also pop into the AP1 etc pages on here at Titleist and click on the shaft specs section and see which ones would suit a lower trajectory launch for you too. And get fitted by a Titleist Rep or center, it will be worth your time and effort.
  3. Hunter B

    All of the titleist irons are great choices. They are the best in the business. But I've always heard that the shaft make all the difference. I've encountered the same problem you are having with my irons and I just recently went to a club fitting and found that my ball flight was way too high and the spin rates were ridiculous. The rep there had me to try different shafts and I finally tried the True Temper AMT Tour White X100 shafts and they gave me the trajectory that I truly desired.

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