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Iron shaft

Peter C

I've used kbs tour in stiff shafts for years but at my recent fitting I was matched with Nippon modus tour 120 in xtra stiff. Just curious if this shaft is a little softer flexing and that's why or if this may be a mistake? My 7 iron swing speed was 90-92 mph, I tend to hit the ball high with fairly good spin rates. With Nippon x shaft computer stated 170-174 carry with 6,500-6,800 peak height 90-95 ft, verse kbs stiff 170-174 carry with 6,900-7,200 peak height 106-110. Based on a computer it's sounds ok but not sure if x is too much for me based on swing speed. I guess I'm nervous to switch to x at 40 years old after playing s400 than kbs tour S for a while. Any recommendations or thoughts?

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  1. Adrian A

    I used the px 7.0 in my ap2 710 from when they came out. I recently got fitted for the ap2 718 with kbs x stiff c taper Shafts. I tend to hit the ball high as well and both sets are 2 degrees strong. I wanted to get away from swinging hard but found with the lighter and softer Shafts neither felt right nor performed well either,far too much spin and feel powerful enough. I,m not getting any younger either at nearly 46 and was worried about staying up at the top end of the shaft weights and flexes. I still swing a 7 iron up in the 90's and having been out now with them a few times I love them they feel great without feeling I have to swing flat out !!Loving the flight too don't know the exact numbers on them but they are visibly lower and far tighter flight☺ I was anxious about the change but the numbers didn't lie and was worth it .
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