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Fitted with wrong shaft length and shaft type clubs..


Hi. A few months back a local golf pro fittef me for titleist AP1716 irons, I went to a different pro recently about my driver and when he was looking in my golf bag he noticed the marks on my irons that showed I had been hitting them more towards the toe of the club. The shaft length appatently should be half an inch longer when he measured my length and arms etc and looked it up in his chart and I've been gave the wrong shaft type too.

I'm now having to pay another £240 to get this fixed after spending roughly £500 to initially get the clubs(only months ago!!)

Does anyone know if I have any come back with this as they were obviously fitted so wrong to me? Totally puts me off ever buying others again!!

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  1. David

    I would take them back to the original pro and have him replace the shafts, if he wants your business again he probably will, if not I would never do business with him again.
  2. Tim Tiger

    Go back to where you were fitted and inquire. It's not the fault of Titleist unless they built them wrong. Everyone can have a bad experience, just don't go back to that guy with your business any longer.

  3. Quintin H

    First I can't see measuring you without you hitting balls being a fitting.

    Second if hitting on the toe is the only problem then yoou should look at your swing, I don't think adding 1/2 inch will work.

    Just from the information I've been given, I'd suggest spending the money on a lesson or 2.
  4. Samuel C

    You mentioned that the other pro "measured my length and arms etc and looked it up in his chart and I've been gave the wrong shaft type too." But did he actually have you swing a club and see where you are hitting the ball on the club face?

    How did he suggest that you had the wrong iron shaft when you weren't on a fitting machine (track man, etc.?)

    He can look at a chart for a general idea and suggestion, but you should be hitting the club with the recommended length and shaft and then going from there.

    Recommendation for me is minus 1/2" from standard, but I didn't like that length when I was testing the clubs, since I"m so used to play standard clubs. So the pro said ok, but we got dialed in with the correct shaft and 1/2" shouldn't make that big of a difference (for most people). Example, Brooke Henderson, even though she doesn't play Titleist, her driver is 48", but she grips down about 3-4". All of her clubs are longer, but she grips down on them.

    What else did the other pro do when he was evaluating your irons?

  5. JMcphee

    Sorry should have explained better...he measured how high my wrist was off the floor and my height and the chart suggested half an inch longer(not minus) i had a carry distance of 135 yard with my current 7 iron. He then handed me a seven iron that was half an inch longer and stiffer shaft. From the first ball it was more comfortable and carry distance increased from 135 to 150 yards.

    I have had a few lessons with the pro that fitted me for my. Original irons and even with the lessons my current clubs never felt like the half inch longer ones. Fitting was done on an indoor trackman.
  6. JMcphee

    Sorry should have explained it better i was being fitted for a new driver shaft on a trackman

    the second pro took the measurements and used a chart to see i needed half an inch longer(same as driver shaft)....i hit a few shots with my seven iron and was carrying 135 yards...then he handed me his seven iron half an inch longer and stiffer shaft. I carried 150 yards the feel was much better and felt easier to hit and more consistent. All the shots were hit in an indoor facility on a trackman.

    With my old clubs and the first pro i had a good few lessons i always seemed to be struggling with the irons.
  7. jeff l

    I wouldn't go to neither one of them to be honest
  8. Sam R

    If you've had lessons since the original fitting it could be that your swing has changed that much that you need a different set up. Personally I'd only ever get fitted for a set of irons by the pro i have lessons with, they know the swing best so will fit you based on that swing or the one you're working towards.

    The other side of the coin is you get fitted for a set that helps your current swing, i.e. offset to help a slicer.

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