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Fantastic Experience and Result

Brian H

I'm 59 years old, 14 handicap, formally playing miz JPX 850 irons in graphite regular (tennis elbow). I consider myself a researcher who studies before buying and am fairly set in my ways when I make a decision. I was looking at the AP1 irons. The long irons are what I was interested in mostly due to a slowing swing and having to hit longer shots into the par 4's.

In early October I went to a fitting day at Poppy Ridge golf course in Livermore California. My fitter was Charlie Beitpoulice. He had me hit the AP1's but after a while switched me over to the AP3's. For the first few balls I thought he was just experimenting but I was hitting them fairly well. I kept thinking that these clubs looked to "player" like for my ability. Charlie then put me into stiff flex shafts. The combination of a "player" looking club and a stiff flex shaft sure had me thinking. I would have never considered this going into the fitting. But I kept hitting them using various shafts and I was hitting them better with each swing. Charlie must have saw the wonder in my expression and he said to just trust him. The balls were going higher, farther and with better dispersion then the Mizunos. The trajectory was strong and the ball seemed to have a steeper decent angle. The miss hits also had better results. I ended up ordering the AP3's in graphite stiff.

Over the next week, while waiting for the clubs, I still had concern whether I did the right thing or not. How could this be? AP3? Stiff flex? The day they arrived I happened to have a lesson scheduled so I hit the 7 iron on the launch monitor and found I was 5-7 yards longer with more spin. I played the next two days and am ecstatic over the results. Even considering the newly added length I was still long on a few holes and based on the pitch marks the longer irons were stopping much closer to the hole.

End result, get fitted. I am a convert.

Thank you Charlie and Titleist

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  1. Speedy

    Nice story! Thanks for sharing and I agree, the AP3s are special...
  2. Rob V


    Thank you for sharing your experience. I am scheduled for a Titleist Thursday on November 2 and am looking forward to the experience.

  3. Marc S

    Hey Brian, great fitting success story. I too hit the AP3's and was amazed at how they looked and performed. I am still waiting on mine like a lil kid waiting for Christmas. I can't wait to try them out. Glad to see you converted. You won't regret it. :)
  4. Don O

    Congratulations! Great story. My story at a fitting for irons this fall is very similar. Can't say enough for a company that takes 2 years in a cycle to really find improvements for the next releases, and makes the effort to make quality fittings available to maximize the results for your personal benefit.
  5. Deno

    Great post Brian. Good Luck with the new sticks!!

  6. Rick D

    Brian: Don't be surprised if your handicap starts coming down now that you have a set of properly fit clubs! I advise friends all the time to not buy off the rack, they still do and are almost always disappointed. They believe only single digit handicappers benefit by fittings, but it's guys like you and higher who may benefit the most.

    You and I are the same age. Like you, I'm bleeding a little yardage. The par 4's seem to be longer than they used to and I'm no longer reaching some par 5's in 2. I've been reading a lot of very positive reviews of the AP3's and wonder if a switch from my 714 AP2's might be a way to go.

    Good luck with the new sticks!
  7. Dale V

    Congrats Brian. I too am a 59 year old that has played standard clubs for years without getting fit. I did a Titleist Thursday fitting thinking I was going to get AP1 but found that the T-MB in graphite was the best fit. Most surprising was an adjustment to 2 degrees flat. Huge difference. All these years wasted playing standard lie. I agree with you, everyone should do a personal fitting.

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