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Iron and Wedge Fitting at Furman University

Sam K

Greetings Team Titleist! I have not been on the page much lately, as my wife and I have been going through the stressful process of buying our first home. We started the move the day after my fitting on October 12th, so this is the first chance I have had to reflect on the experience.

I wanted to share some words on my experience with Michael Sturgill at my Titleist Thursday fitting.

I drove about an hour right after work for this fitting. I had not played golf in about two weeks, due to the moving preparations my wife and I were making. To say the least, my shots were very inconsistent! Michael was very patient and generous with his time. He fit me for Irons and wedges, and I cannot be more satisfied with his guidance.

It was so impressive how fast Michael dissected my game and knew exactly what I needed (a real pro!). This fitting has given me a huge sense of confidence in my purchase (something that is very nice to have when spending this much hard earned money).

Thanks to this fitting and advice from multiple TT members, I have the following coming to my bag soon: (Also thanks to the 10+ yards per club and much greater spin that Titleist will provide me over my old TM's)

4-PW AP3 SM6 50 12 F grind SM6 54 10 S grind All with Project X LZ 6.0, MCC Plus 4 midsize grip, and standard length/ lie.

PS. Michael let me hit the 917 driver before I left, and wow! Hoping to get fitted for that soon, as my pursuit of an all Titleist bag continues. Cannot recommend a Titleist Thursday fitting enough!

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  1. Stretch

    Awesome....enjoy the new home and the new clubs!
  2. Chuck Z

    Congratulations Michael. That course at Furman is one you need to play with those new clubs. Glad Titleist made is happen for you.
  3. Chuck Z

    Sorry has been one of those days.....
  4. Don O

    I know you did your homework and took the best advice from this forum. What I didn't realize was you did all this while going though a major life event. Congratulations for pulling both off and still married! Good luck on your journey through the bag. What a great service from Titleist to offer quality fittings around the country to provide maximum value for a significant purchase.
  5. Sam K

    Chuck Z,
    Can't thank you enough for suggesting this event and location to me! I would have missed out for sure. The appointments were all booked up two days after you suggested that I schedule. I will take your suggestion and make my first round at Furman when the clubs arrive!

    Don O,
    All of your advice was a huge asset through the process! My pro has been very helpful and I feel sure that I made the most informed decision I could. I would not have gotten this level of care at a big retailer, as you mentioned previously.

    I was talking about that level of service with Mike (my fitter). Titleist programs are un-paralleled by other firm's in the golf industry (most other industries for that matter). It was a very stressful few weeks for certain. The new house has great grass for chipping though!!!
  6. Chuck Z

    That has to be prettiest campus in South Carolina.......enjoy!
  7. Steve S

    Congrats Samuel on your new home and your new sticks. Hope they both work out for you.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.

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