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917 D3 9.5 W Speeder 78G Stiff

Payne S

spin is a little high for me around 3200-3400......I was looking as a AD DI6x to try out any tips would be great!!

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  1. rymail00

    I've had luck with Tensei Pro White, but again that's just me.

    Like what everyone else would probaby suggest, try and find a good launch monitor with hopefully many shaft options to demo and do some testing. Maybe they will have a shaft, and knowledge on how to fine tune your head to get the best results through the Surefit hosel and CG.

    Best of luck!
  2. Chris92009

    If you go to an authorized advanced fitter they will have access to many options and the fitter can offer some suggestions...tough to make a suggestion without seeing ball flight etc...spin is just one component...lauch angle is important also. On a side note, the Speeder Evolution 757 has been a great shaft for myself...
  3. Payne S

    its the blue speeder that comes with the 917. I say I hit it pretty high but I'm just trying to perfect the 2 together.
  4. Payne S

    was thinking about trying the project X Hzrdus black 6.5 65G shaft
  5. CP

    I would give either the Diamana Whiteboard 70g or the Fujikura Pro Tour Spec a try. That will bring your launch and spin numbers down.

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