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New driver fitting

William D

If I get fitted for a new club and then I don't like how it works, what are my options? If for example I wasn't sure about the loft of a driver and then went with the fitter's recommendation and then hit pure sky balls, which I know is my responsibility, what should I do to replace the head? Custom length shaft. Didn't buy it at golfmart.

I still haven't tried to change the settings any. The set up the way it is works. It goes pretty straight, but just straight up in the air no matter what. Like a floater. My miss is straight up and short right. That is what I don't like about the TM clubs.

Last time I goofed with my swing to make a driver work, I went from hitting every club with the most boring and consistent little left to right thing to yacking it and missing both ways for two years. I'm worried about having driver settings different from the 3 wood settings or ending up with a shut club face to lessen the loft when I change the settings.

Could use some advice from you experienced folks. I have to get this right. It is a three or four year club. Thank you.

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  1. Don O

    If you fitter was a PGA instructor as well, go see that person. If you were connecting well at the fitting, there's a 5% chance of the club not meeting specs. I can sky shots with ease by not generating a good weight transfer forward and hanging back during the swing. If I do this with the other clubs, I'm either hitting fat or topping the ball. There is likely a small correction to get you back on track. There won't be enough club adjustment to fully correct for sky balls.
  2. Robert L

    If that's the club you were fitted to, and weren't skying the driver during the fitting then sorry to say, but it sounds like user error. Since you said you've been doing that w/ your previous driver, and now with new one you just got fit for... it's time for some lessons to get that squared away, as the data patterns are telling you something! If you're skying a 12*, you'll still be skying an 8.5*, and the SureFit hosel adjustments won't help... attach angle might be your enemy, not the loft on the driver. TT is an advocate for getting custom fit... lessons too!!!
  3. Robert L


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