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AP2 vs CB


i recently tested AP2 and CB; i found with there was a drop off of about 1 club for the CB vs the AP2. Is this normal, or would mean this CB should be in a different shaft?

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  1. Mike H

    To know exactly if it was shaft a lot more information would be needed. The AP2s are set up to go a little futlrther than the CBs they have stronger lifting and are a little bit more of a low spinning iron both of these aspects will lead to more distance with the same numbered club.
  2. Don O

    Was this done using the same shaft on both heads, or were they on the AMT-White and the Project X - LZ "stock" shafts for the AP2 and CB irons? If the AMT-White shaft was a better fit for you, then the AP2 could be a "club further".
  3. 19hole

    The AP2s are only 1 degree stronger in the 7-P. This would not be a full club different. I suspect that the added forgiveness of the AP2 is the sourse of the added distance.

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