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Titleist AP3 Lie Angle

Brent R

I recently purchased a custom AP3 5-iron, bent 2 degrees flat to a lie angle of 60 degrees (verified on a lie/loft machine). Titleist will only adjust irons 2 degrees without nullifying the warranty. Here's my issue ... the lie angle is still seriously upright for me, compared with my other forged blades that are built around the same fitting specification. I would have to cut almost 1.5" off the club to get the lie angle right, which seems extreme. Has anyone else had trouble getting fitted for an AP3?

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  1. chris b

    I have mine at 2* flat as well, 5-PW with no issues.
  2. rymail00

    I'd suggest sending it back and have Titleist adjust it. I think having them do it would help keep any warranty (if there is any) when bending it to it's max suggested 2* range.
  3. Chuck Z

    Sounds like a lot going on with your new club. I am detecting that you also had them increase the loft two degrees, based on the standard lie on a AP3 5 iron being 62*. Have you discussed this with your Titleist fitter? My recommendation.
  4. Brent R

    Yes. The club is already 2° flat which is the maximum that Titleist will cover.

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