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My son is off a handicap of 8 but is smaller than 5ft is there a custom set of irons you could do? Thanks

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  1. Sam K

    I would highly recommend scheduling a Titleist Thursday fitting for your son. It is free of charge and would allow your son to be fitted by a Titleist club expert. The designated fitter will call you prior to the appointment, at which point you should specifically mention your sons height to ensure that they are set up with appropriate shaft lengths. The fitter will identify the appropriate length, loft, and lie angle for your son. You can purchase the recommended clubs from any Titleist dealer you prefer. In addition to getting very nicely fitted clubs, this could be a really fun experience for you and your son. I recently participated in my first Titleist Thursday. It gave me so much confidence in my purchase! If interested, you can search for upcoming events by using the Find an Event tab at the top right of this screen.

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