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AP3 Shaft Selection

Doug F

Has anyone tried or been fitted for the Red AMT S300 in the new AP3 irons. I currently play the XP 105 S300 in my 716 AP2 irons. I was told at a Titleist Demo Day that the Red AMT S300 are a closer match to what I play now (XP 105 S300) instead of the AMT Black S300. Can anyone validate this ? Thanks

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  1. Don O

    Not based on the shaft comparison chart posted elsewhere on this site - the XP-105 and Black are very close. Both are stock shafts and should be on most carts. You can try both at a fitting. Individual results may vary. I was higher and longer with the AMT-Red than with the Tensi graphite, even though that doesn't match the comparison chart.
  2. Cavman

    I have the XP105 in my 718 AP2s and they fly very high. I hit a demo AP2 7 iron with the AMT red and I didn't notice any difference in height. Dispersion was lower with the XP105 though.

    The AMT Black shows as actually being higher flying than the XP105 on the Titleist chart, but not on most other companies' shaft comparison charts.

    I love the XP105s in the AP2. Don't know about the AP3, but my guess is that if you're familiar with that shaft in your current AP2s, that you should be very happy gaming the XP105 in your AP3s.

    Good luck.
  3. Chuck Z

    If those were Titleist product specialists at the Demo days know their products. I'm sure the info they gave you was reliable. Most of the product specialists are fitters. I was told the same at the TT invitational this year.

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