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Driver Shaft

Mike D

I have 910 D2 with Diamana 65 shaft. What shaft compares in 917 model?

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  1. richard f

    There's a diamana 65 shaft in the 917 range , my mate has it
  2. Don O

    It's been 5 years since the 910s were released. Good club, but you don't want to upgrade to the 917 based on what worked on the 910. Enough differences that the shaft and loft may not be your optimum from the 910 to the 917.
  3. CP

    The 917 will be a little bit lower spinning than the 910, so you are not comparing apples to apples with the shafts. The best recommendation I can make is to go see your fitter and get in front of a launch monitor. Your fitter will have you hit shots with your current set up first. If you love your ball flight with your shaft/head combo you have now, your fitter can find a combination with the new head that produces similar numbers.
  4. Barry B

    Knowing which Diamana shaft you have in your 910 would help more than just the weight. Do you have the Ahina (black), Kai'li (blue) or Ilima (red).

    Look through the Custom Options booklet to see which Mitsubishi Diamana shaft most closely matches the specs of your current shaft.

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