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Just general questions on Club Fitting


Hello, I am looking to get fitted for either CB OR MB Irons and a T-MB 2 iron approximately how much does it cost for a fitting and clubs combined

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  1. Don O

    That is extremely variable. If you are in an area that has access to Titleist Thursdays (also dependent on the season), the fitting is free, and you get to negotiate the price of clubs with a pro shop. Going to TPI or Manchester Lane, the fitting fee is in addition purchasing your clubs through your local dealer/club. Fitting fees elsewhere may be applied in full or in part to the purchase of a full set of irons Up to you to check the options.
  2. Chuck Z

    Titleist Thursdays are free. Otherwise ask the Titleist Certified fitter in your area and he will be glad to let you know his terms.

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