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Combo AP3 & AP2


Hi guys, want to combo two sets of AP2/3 but they seems to be a big change in loft between the two sets... don't want to mess up too much with the bounce so they change in playability. How would you do and do anybody knows the bounce of the clubs is it the same on both sets or different...?!

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  1. Barry S

    I went to a Titleist fitting and was advised by the fitter that if I did a spit set, AP2 7-W, and AP3 6-4, to order the AP2's 2 deg strong, and the AP3's, 1 degree weak. That way the gaping between the 2 would be consistent. The bounce factor for me would be minimal as I don't take divots to often.
  2. simon n

    I have been advised to be careful with bending 2 degrees strong because it could change the bounce and me starting hacking it into the ground

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