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Driver Swing Weights 915 vs. 917

Caitlin C

Question for my son:

What is the overall clubhead weight for a 915 D2 Driver with a red chip in it? What surefit CG would give you the same clubhead weight for a 917 D2 Driver? Basically trying to match my 917 D2 headweight to my current 915 D2

Also same question for a 915 FD with a red chip and a 917 F3- what surefit CG would give the 917 F3 the same weight as a 915 FD with a red chip?

Does a neutral chip/weight in both give each club head the same weight?

Many thanks

2 Replies

  1. Don O

    The weight of the weights are primarily used to adjust the swing weight in combination with the shaft and grip. A change in shaft or grip could require a different weight to achieve the same feel/swing weight. The neutral or draw/fade weights come in a pair of the same weight. You can have a golf shop determine the swing weight of your 915's. Then apply that to the 917.
  2. Barry B

    Swing weight is probably what you want to know, not actual weight. Depending on the shaft & grip your son is using (both affect swing weight), the 915 D2 with the red 9 gram weight is going to be in the D3 swing weight range. The 917 D2 with the Diamana Ltd S+ Blue 60 regular with the 12 gram weight will have a D3 swing weight. The same setup with the 10 gram weight will be D2. Find a qualified Titleist fitter in your area and he/she will be able to help your son get the correct setup.

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