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Help, I need advice on iron shafts

Frank S

I would love any advice on selecting iron shafts. I am looking at the 718 AP1, 6-PW. I currently have sm6 52,56,60 in wedge flex. My irons are png I20 s300. I have never customized my irons before, always played with what was the standard. I want to start investing more into golf because I am really getting into it. I just don't know if I should go with the standard shaft or upgrade to something special. My carry distances are PW- 125, 9iron-135, 8iron-145, 7iron-160. I would say my swing is faster than the average player but not really fast. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

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  1. Chuck Z

    Go see a fitter and get your numbers dialed in. Titleist fitters do it right.
  2. Dale V

    I would suggest getting fit. There are so many shaft variations out there that doing a fitting will give you the best results. Many wont even require an up-charge when you order your clubs. Some places charge for fittings but if you can find a Titleist Thursday fitting in your area, the fitting will be free.
  3. Rick M

    You know the prevailing reply is to go to a fitter and try different shafts to see what works best and above all feels best to you. And of course to see what performs best. I'm not a fitter by any means but have played golf most of my life. Getting fit can make improvement in the game much easier. Most folks don't realize that. I'm sure you can find a Titleist fitter on this site near you.
  4. Barry B

    Best advice, go to a certified Titleist fitter and go through the fitting process (see if there are any Titleist Thursday events still taking place in your area). It's the best way to find the right head/shaft combo for you.
  5. Brandon K

    I just upgraded to the 718 CB’s and I would suggest the Project X PXI 6.0 shafts which is an upgraded shaft. By far the best shaft I have ever played. But I would get fitted through your local Titleist Rep and try the different shafts before you commit to one or another. It’s worth your time when your looking at spending that much money. I would also recommend that you hit the AP2’s and the AP3’s also. Good luck with your upcoming purchase.
  6. augusto r

    Get fitted at titleist,they will tell you what shaft is good for your swing.
  7. Rich T

    The best thing to do is to find a good fitter to assist you with determining what setup fits your swing best. To make the best of your investment, getting fit is essential.

    If available in your area, the Titleist Thursday events are a fantastic opportunity to get fit by a Titleist fitter and they are FREE!

    Good luck!
  8. Mr. Phine

    There are so many variables with shafts like weight and kickpoint that to take an educated guess or take advice from someone who hasn’t seen your swing or tempo would be risky and expensive. I know you have heard this a thousand times before but fitting is the way to go
  9. David

    There are three good stock options with the AMT shafts (red, white...) that you could try out with any club fitter. I decided on the red AMT in my AP1s as it gave me a pretty tight dispersion over a few hitting sessions compared to the others, but you might be different. Any good clubfitter will have other shaft options than the stock titleist but to be honest the stock titleist are pretty good and you might like those and save a few bucks.
  10. Don O

    The strength of buying Titleist is they promote getting fit. The available shafts for irons, even with just the no upcharge special orders shafts is enough to make one dizzy. Getting fit has more benefit for the amateur than for a pro that can adjust a swing to fit a club. Better to not buy a "set" off the rack. Best to find a Titleist Thursday or a Premier fitting site. Even if the fitting charge is not entirely offset by a 6 or 7 iron purchase - it is still cheap insurance to get your best benefit from an $800+ investment. None of us could recommend a shaft for you that would optimal, just hoping for a wild guess to work.
  11. Nation

    First you say your swing speed is faster that the average golfer, but not that fast, so when you got your swing speed measured, what was it?, Your iron distance does not indicate much of a swing speed, and what are you playing 5 iron and up, hybrids with graphite?. Since I don't know where you live, and what club fitting facility may be near you, and you want to " invest " in your game, seek out a quality club fitting facility. I'd suggest Hot Stix, Cool Clubs, Tru Spec, and Club Champions. You can indicate a preference for the Titleist brand, and then be fitted accordingly. Good Luck
  12. AWells

    Honestly, if I were you I would go get fit. I was in the same boat as yourself, and if I hadn't have gotten fit, I would have most certainly gotten the wrong shafts, 100% guaranteed. Titleist has their Titleist Thursdays, as well as many fitting centers around the world. Getting fit for the right shaft will help you determine which is best for your swing, speed, launch angle etc. It is well worth the money, as I found out.
  13. Rizal K

    The best I can chip in is DG shafts tend to launch lower than NS Pro shafts. So, if the courses you usually play are windy, you are better off getting the DGs, and vise versa. For other angles like the flex and weight, you have to go to a fitter for a better picture. Cheers !
  14. Frank S

    Thanks all for the needed advice, seems best option is to get fitted. Again, I am new to all of the custom fitting options. I always worry that they will try and sell me the most expensive options. But i am probably totally wrong. Its a big expense and commitment. I will research some local fitters. Thanks again for the great advice. You guys are awesome.
  15. Steve S

    Hello Frank. I'm sure that all the members of TT will tell you to go and get a proper fitting. No one else has your swing. The fitting will be worth every penny you spend. Good Luck.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
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