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Graphite Design AD DI Hybrid Opinions

Scott P

I currently play the Fuji Motore 8.8 hybrid shaft, and got good results from fitting. I could have used the S+ but the Fuji slightly edged out in stability. I find that the feel is somewhat lacking, but results are generally pretty good. What are people's opinions of the AD DI 85 shaft? I like the mid kick shafts feel wise, but found the S+ a tad soft overall. Figured since the AD is hard to find, I would start with opinons.

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  1. Todd T

    Absolutely love this shaft in 105g, launches very high. But as always, get on a monitor and get fit!
  2. Garrison M

    The Tour AD DI line is extremely impressive in all areas. I do recommend that you go to a PGA Professional to get fit. Sometimes stock shafts can fit your swing better than an aftermarket shaft that can cost you $300 extra. Getting fit is crucial and will help your game tremendously. Best of luck
  3. Scott P

    Thanks all, appreciate the responses!

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