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Bending loft of the 718 MB



I'm a traditionalist, which basically means that I like traditional lofts. This means that the current new set of irons have a too strong loft for me. How far can these new blades be bent?

Would it be possible to bend them weaker 2 degrees? And how would that effect bounce end turf interaction?


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    you can have them bent up to 2 degrees in either direction. by bending them weaker you will increase the bounce and vice versa for bending them stronger. it's a 1 to 1 relationship by the way. hope this helps.

  2. Tim Tiger

    You can custom order them to your specs or possibly send them back for a factory bent spec.

  3. P_Lamps

    Does anyone know if the TMb face "hotter" and will it get more distance against an AP2 when bent to the same loft?
  4. 19hole

    It is interesting that you think that the current MB lofts are strong. If anything, I find that they are a little weak. Yes, as others have said you can bend them but I would look at sending them back to Titleist to have it done.

    P_Lamps, the only to find out is try them out side by side. I've heard that they are, I haven't hit the 718 T-MB.


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