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Proper fitting???

Augie H

Just went to a Titleist fitting day at my local golf shop. The titleist fitter had me warm up and take a few swings. He asked me a couple of questions about my current clubs, swing issues and what were my misses. I informed him that my misses were right and sliced on some shots. He gave me a 7 iron AP1 and installed a AMT black stiff shaft. I hit a few more balls with marking tape and he adjusted my lie angle to 2 degrees flat and that seemed to make for better contact on a hitting board. He never tried any other shafts or flexes so I was wondering if this was a good fitting based on what any other team titleist members have experienced? This was my first time getting fitted but I don't feel very comfortable paying for a new set based on my experience.

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  1. 19hole

    I would expect that you would have hit at least two different clubheads styles and 3 different shafts in each. That is how we tend to do fittings. I have done fittings where the person hit every clubhead and 6 shafts in each. That can lead to a bit of data overload, but a good fitter can narrow it down pretty easily.
  2. J.R. F

    When I was fit for my AP3s we tried a couple of different heads and several shafts once I decided on the AP3.
  3. Augie H

    Thanks for the input. Yes I left thinking the same thing. I will need to attend another Titleist fitting in my area or book with another fitting location.
  4. Chuck Z

    It does not take long for a good fitter to put you in the right equipment. I Have only had one bad fitting and he was not a Titleist product specialist/fitter. He worked for a big box store. The Titleist fitter corrected his mistake in less than fifteen minutes. If you are not comfortable let him know. Good communications is a two way street.
  5. Jerry M

    I was fitted for my AP1s, Driver and hybrids with a couple of different shafts. The person fitting me knows my game pretty well so we didn't have to go thru a lot to shafts. I have been working with him for about 8-9 years.
  6. Don O

    On my last iron and metal woods fittings, the fitter tried a couple of different directions from what I had been using. In both cases, the different directions proved to be substantial improvements. Glad we did more that just match the shaft I had been using.
  7. Dale V

    I did a quick hitting at a big event where it was crowded. He suggested i go and schedule a second fitted which i did via the Titleist Thursday site. Really wanted to make sure and we did make a few minor changes in the second session. Love the final product.
  8. Darryl M

    When I got fitted for my AP1 716's we did 6 different shafts & 2 different heads. I was playing AP1 712's with a S300 Dynamic Gold at the time but was in transition with my swing. I got fitted for R300 XP-90 on my current clubs. Did the data drastically improve once he made the change from your current club(s) or was it just better ball flight? I would think a visit or call to him stating your concern would benefit your concerns. But a good quality fitter can make changes pretty quick if they know what the issues are.
  9. Augie H

    Thanks TT for all of the input. I will definitely contact another local fitter or go to another Titleist fitting day locally on the 26th of May. I can't wait to place my order for some new irons, coming from a 710 irons player.

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