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What adapter to use?

Brian A

I recently purchased a Graphite Design AD shaft that is .355 diameter. I want to use it in my 17.5 h2 hybrid. Is there an adapter to fit it or will i have to shim a .370. I have .335's .

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  1. 19hole

    Unfortunately, Titleist does not offer the Sure-Fit adapters for sale. Shimming a shaft when installing it in a clubhead is a very bad idea. There are very large forces that the shaft/head interface is put under during impact and I would not trust a shim to be structurally solid.
  2. Gary D

    They make a Graphite Design AD shaft with the proper tip diameter. Maybe you can trade-in your shaft for the proper one ? Get a .370 tip shaft and you can buy the Titleist adapter on Ebay. It won't be a Titleist adapter, it will be an after market adapter. I've used them and they work just fine. Or just order the shaft with adapter from Titleist.

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