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Ap2 vs. Cb vs. Mb

Connor G

I went to get fitted and decided on the Ap2 with C Taper Lite shafts. I like the flight and number on trackman. If did want to change to the Cb what difference would I see if any, and what effect would the shaft have?

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  1. 19hole

    I suggest that you go back to the fitter and actually hit the CB. They are a bit less forgiving than the AP2 and the lofts are also weaker. You might end up with a different shaft to get the same launch and distance.
  2. Edward K

    I'll agree with 19hole, the fitter will best identify the combination you need. I absolutely LOVED the CB's, but hit them really high compared to my MB's. Sweet clubs, but you want optimum performance for your swing.

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