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AMT Red vs Black Regular flex

Augie H

Has any member recently been fitted with the AMT Black Regular flex shafts on their 718 AP1 irons? If so what was the fitters recommendation between the choice of Black over Red or vice versa? Thanks.

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  1. Matt W


    I was recently fitted for AP1's in the black over the red, it was never a conversation over red v black. The only time I was told what shaft I was hitting was the initial baseline with my current iron shaft. i.e. I hit my 7 iron and then some AP1's and AP3's with a KBS Tour Shaft in. I was never told which shaft was then being put in the irons so everything was based on ball flight / dispersion / spin results. I couldn't tell you whether I hit a Red or not.

    In my case the fitter was trying to get the ball flight down a little bit, and my swing speed sits right on the border between regular and stiff so these may have fed into the selections. I ended up with AMT300 Black Regular.

    Hope that helps



  2. Matt W

    Hi Augie,

    I was recently fit for AP1's in the Regular Black AMT. There was never a discussion during the fitting as to what shaft I was hitting. Not sure I even hit the Red. The fitting involved hitting my current irons and then the AP1's and 3's in the same shaft (KBS Tour Reg). That got a baseline to work from.

    The conversations were then all around dispersion, spin rates and angles of launch and decent to find the best fit. I didn't know what shaft I had until the specs were confirmed at the end.

    If it helps, my swing speed is borderline between regular and stiff shafts and the fitters observation was I had too high a ball flight so he was trying to lower it a little so that might have swayed more to the Black.

    Hope that helps



  3. Stephen R

    Got fitted for AMT Red regular. Fitter stated I needed a higher ball flight with a more of a descent angle. Have to say they are working as described. Where I play the greens are firm and hard to hold but since my AP3's have arrived I am holding my greens when hitting them
  4. Don O

    Consistent with Stephen. I needed better angles into the green, so I got the AMT-Red. The Black is a mid-high launch shaft. I happen to have the AP3, but the launch/descent angle were key for shaft.
  5. Augie H

    Thanks for the comments. I will post my new set once I get fit and receive them. Thanks guys.

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