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Shaft Splining

Cris M

Had my 910 fit on Saturday and came up with a D-2 position.  Fitter said I should order the club, rather than just purchasing, as the shaft will be splined in the D-2 position.  How important is this?  I am a little skeptical, as this sounds like puring, which I hear is a scam.  Thoughts?

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  1. Titleist Clubs - CS Lead

    Hi Cris - 

    I believe the fitter was referring to the fact that we encourage a player to order their club in the setting that was optimized during the fitting process.  Titleist will make sure that the shaft graphics and grip are assembled in the correct position based on the desired setting.  Meaning shaft graphics and grip will be installed in the proper orientation.  

    If you purchased the club in the standard A-1 position and later moved the club to the D-2 setting, the orientation of the shaft graphics and grip would be slightly off center.  This is only the case when using a non-stock grip or non-Titleist shaft.

    Titleist does not perform spinning or puring of shafts before installation.

  2. Cris M

    Nick - Thanks for the reply.  The shaft would be the Aldila RIP.  Would you happen to know the turnaround time on ordering?


  3. Titleist Clubs - CS Lead

    Hi Cris - 

    I would order the RIP in the setting that you were fit for.  If you order in the A-1 setting and move to a different setting the shaft graphics may end up in a spot that is unappealing to your eye.


  4. darryl m

    Hi Cris.

    I'm no expert but I fully understand the aim of splining, I have manufactured a shaft spliner that works a treat, comprised of a 8" length of stainless tube with two very good precision bearings one in each end and a third bearing that is used to gently pull down on the shaft tip once the butt end is placed through the tube containing the bearings. The device is held in a vice and when curvature is placed on the shaft it spins in the bearings to the same place in a line along the top of the shaft, basically the line along the shaft that has the least resistance to bending along it's length. The opposite side of the shaft or 180* to the top is the firmest part of the shaft the seam or spine.

    The basic physics of this is pretty easy to put into the common sense of how a shaft would be best installed in a club head as the shaft should flex at a constant direction if the spine is installed at a direct line to your target. It's like looking down at the club at address and the spine is best installed at the 9.00 o'clock position if the toe is at 12.00 o'clock or installed at the 3.00 o'clock position for lefties.

    There are electronic devices that do the same job through frequency scanning.

    Now as to the scam factor I really don't know but it makes total sense to me so I do it to all my clubs and many of my friends clubs, never had a negative outcome and since golf is a big confidence game it never hurts to be positive about your gear.

    Dont go bothering about the shaft graphics too much, your ment to be looking at the ball.


  5. Michael C

    no purring does work, I had my titleist driver purred and it did make a difference !

  6. steve b

    Maybe TT will chime in here with their shaft engineers replies. But here is what they have told me personally which is the same as several other shaft engineers from True Temper and other companies have told me.  Puring / spining has no affect on ball flight. Here is a question I always ask players when this comes up. " How did it have a significant change in your ball flight?"  So in a perfect world you would have some quantifiable measurements before the puring was done and then some comparison numbers afterwards.  Again the world's best shaft engineers say in their research there was no discernable difference or affect on the ball flight. 

      That is what all you players want to know before you spend money on this or any other process.  Now, anytime ANYTHING  is changed in a club it will affect ball flight. But is it a significant one, meaning does it improve your play on the course or however you want to justify it.  If it is an intangible thing such as feel or confidence then that is up to the player as no one can fit that. 

     But from a custom fitting / option / steps in the process puring or spining is not a factor.

    steve ball
    PGA Master Professional

    PS -In fact, one of them told me that if the orientation or circumference of the shaft did affect ball flight then that shaft would be illegal under the rules of the USGA.

  7. Joe B

    I had a feeling Steve would jump in on this.

  8. Michael C

    but purring the shaft takes out the figure 8 in the swing so you have a more pure swing, meaning the shaft doesn't wobble!!?!?!

  9. Joe B

    If puring a shaft made you swing better and improved the stability of the clubhead, the process would become universal and no one would play anything else.

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