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The effects of grip weight on putters

Ben H

I just got a new Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (35 inch length) with the standard grip and I want to put a new midsize grip on it. What I am worried about is that by putting a different grip on it that I will screw up the swingweight and make it feel different, which is an issue I had in the past by putting on a big grip that was heavier than the standard grip. I wanted to know what the grip weight is for a standard Scotty Newport, and whether or not I should worry about the weight of the new grip I put on it.



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  1. Marc M

    Has anyone tried or have an opinion on weights for the butt end of your grips ?    Thanks Mac

  2. Chris92009

    By adding more weight to the end of the putter or installing a heavier grip the head of the putter will feel lighter.  The typical range of cameron putter grips is around 56-58 grams.  This is typical but as you move to super stroke grips and the like, some are the same is a reference thread on the golfwrx site...

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