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44.5" Driver

Dennis L

Hey everyone, I'm thinking about ordering a 910 D3 driver with an Aldila RIP S or X flex shaft at 44.5".  Not sure which shaft yet because I have a SS for a X-flex but a low launch angle, and the guy who fit me for it said that the X-flex would only lower my launch angle.  Apparently, the RIP R-flex plays stiffer than most anyhow.  Anyway, my real question is how would the half inch shorter than standard shaft affect the swing weight of the club, and how would I get it back to a standard swing weight?  I'd rather not order a custom head in case I wanted to go back to a 45" driver at some point.  Thanks for the help, Dennis. 

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Dennis,  When you order your driver with a RIP 60 44.5" shaft and standard grip, they will build it at D2 using a 9 gram weight.  If you want a D4 in your 44.5" shaft, just make that request and they will use a 12 gram weight.  If you decide to order a RIP 60 45" shaft afterwards, it will come with a surefit weight to bring it to about a D4.   You can change these weights out with the same wrench that you use for the shaft adjustments.

  2. todd f

    Hey Cathi,

    I am looking to order a Titleist 913D2 with a Diamana D+ 72  at 44.5 inches.  Just to be clear..will this club be built to the same swing weight as if I had ordered a 45 inch driver?  

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    It will be built at a D2 swingweight with an 11 gram weight.  If you want it built at D4 - you wll need to request that when the order is placed and they will use a 14 gram weight.  That is assuming a standard grip.

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