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Deutsche Bank Championship

David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

So far, we've seen some pretty amazing shots and some not so amazing shots. However, I'm pulling for Mr. Watney. I also think that Mr. Karlsson and Mr. Ogilvy has a great chance. We'll see. I wish everyone the best of luck.

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  1. Todd S


  2. Geoffrey B

    your predictions were wrong

  3. Hotsauce

    I was lucky enough to be right on the 18th green and I can't even tell you how hard those putts Webb made were.  What a great win!

  4. Matt H

    I was able to come home from school and catch the fourth round. When I got to the range i quickly noticed the new staff bags. They look awesome! I need to convinve my dad to get me one! It was great to see Webb Simpson and all the other Titleist guys play!

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