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909 Drivers on Tour?


I do believe that I have seen a couple Titelist Tour Pros using the older 909 Drivers on tour? I am almost positive I have noticed them in the hands of Stricker and Cauly. What's the deal there? 909's better than the new 910 I just invested in?

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  1. Quintin H

    Yea, look at Stricker, 909D, 906f2,909h, 710 AP2

    But then, if I have been playing like Stricker I wouldn't change a thing.

    People just tend to stick with what works. I looked at the whats in the bag for players, I believe there was quite a few 906f2's and I think there was a 904f still on tour.

  2. Graeme D

    Don't worry about "better", worry about what works better for you or what you're more comfortable with.  Tour players prove you don't need to latest technology to perform the best.  Just stick with what you like and are comfortable with.


  3. Don O

    One year to the next usually won't change your game. Also keep in mind that sometimes the pro's equipment may resemble your equipment as much as Dale Earnhardt's NASCAR ride resembles your street machine. Web Simpson has been playing the same model of irons since 2000. Paul Goydos was going to try a 14.5 degree driver instead of his usual 13 degree at Phoenix to try to take advantage of the thinner air. Really? I have only a couple of places (thank you Titleist) where I can buy a 12 degree (left-handed). Until the adjustable 910D2 came out, I would have had to get a head in pastel to get past 12 degrees.
  4. John L

    listen if I told you about driver usga rules you might lose the point in what im trying express. but what I will tell u is this. the 910 driver line is a better driver for 95% of us golfers. its has a different feel than the 909 line. Rory still uses the 905 or 906 line fairway woods.its a player preffrence thing. Woodland had a custom set of 712 mbs made in high gloss finish becouse they fit his eye better.if you followed the mb line this fall you would know that there are only very minor changes to the mb line. I personally am going to get the 712 line becouse I like the subdued finish and the minor heal grind they did but over all the 712 and 710 mb lines will play about the same. and this is what the masses wanted. the 710 mb line was highly successful. and when you got a great produvt like that you dont want to mess that up. Dont look to much into what you see the pros using. look into what will work best for you. and know that the 910 drivers are an over all better line. this is comming from a skeptical driver buyer (I buy alot of drivers and sell them just as fast) I played an R7 2007 model untill the 910 came out. but I have at one time owned or played every driver in between. but the 910 is always in the bag. and I mean always. when I bring another driver to try out I take out my 5 wood and carry two drivers. becouse I know that 910 is my goto. i,ll probably buy the 912 line but honistly I dont know that they can really make anything better than the 910. time will tell. 


    P.s. to titleist if you make it in white I will not buy it. 

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