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Team Titleist Gear

Brian D

Are there plans to release additional gear for loyalist to purchase as the season opens? I hunk you would find plenty of interested folks!

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  1. Dennis M

    I had asked a similar question about a year ago, mostly in reference to shirts with Titleist logos. What I heard back from the company was that they had tried it some time ago and not gotten a good enough sales response to make the investment worthwhile.

    Anything could change and considering the very high quality of the company they went with, I wonder if it didn't price the shirts out of the reach of most golfers, but only Titleist can decide about that.

    On the other hand, they listened when so many of us begged for an optic yellow ball and now I happily use the NXT Tour in yellow, so maybe something will come of requests for affordable logo clothes too.

  2. John L

    I would love to See some TT shirts maybe something in the line of white with a big maybe 3 inch wide section of red running down each side with titleist on the chest and the circle TT on one side of the collar and the FJ on the other collar or the ProV1 on the other collar, and center back of the shirt. I would love to see this in multiple color combos but even if they only made the one i would be happy to Buy it.

  3. Cody D

    I think we as members of Team Titleist are barking up the wrong tree. I have seen these posts countless times and nothing has ever been done. Love the forum here and it would be nice, but I havent seen or heard much coming back from Titleist on this one for some time now
  4. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    We really appreciate the feedback and input around this topic. In terms of an update, right now there are no plans to start selling any of the limited edition Team Titleist gear. We'll certainly keep everyone in the loop if this changes but for now, stay tuned to the site for opportunities to win some exclusive items.

    Thanks again.

    - Mike

  5. Brent W

    Every body wants TT gear because it is not for sale. That is what makes it nice to win something.

    Personally I hope they don't start selling it and just hope to win something.

  6. Deno

    I agree Brent.   So much more meaningful  to be lucky enough to be a receive a rare gift from TeamTitleist.

     TT Bag Tags would be really cool addition.

  7. Brent B

    i  have only been a Team Titleist member for a short time and seems everyone has their hand out hoping for a freebie. i am personally so thankful for evetything this site has given me and all the great discusions have been so helpful i appreciate reading them all. 

  8. Olivia S

    Well dang I guess I'll just have to make it myself until i can buy one! Decoration time, eh?

  9. David L

    OK Mike I think it's a bit ridiculous that a brand as well-known as Titleist does not offer golf shirts with the Titleist logo featured on the chest or on the sleeve at a minimun...

    I have to believe that these days the demand is there for shirts like these....there are plenty of good-quality clothing manufacturers that your company could choose from and get a price that would let you make money on them, and a large, loyal following of not only Team Titleist members but also golfers in general that don't mind spending a bit more on a quality shirt with their favorite brand....

    Can't you try it again on a few pro shops or maybe see if a big-box store like Golf Galaxy would purchase them from you?  I'd rather spend my golf-shirt money on something that displays that famous Titleist script logo - not Under Armor or god-forbid swoosh!!  And I like swoosh stuff workouts, but NEVER on me or in my bag when golfing!!


    Dave Lancaster

    Proud TT member

  10. Tim Tiger


    Footjoy offers a high quality line up of apparel and is an Achusnet company.  In general Titleist is the club side, and FJ is the apparel side .  Most all of the Titleist logo clothing is FootJoy and is for PGA members. From time to time they are given away in drawings both here and on the FootJooy forums.

    TT has been very giving to this forum and allowed us opportunities that others do not get. I for one am very appreciative of the stuff I have received and am very loyal to both Titleist and Footjoy.  


  11. John S

    Hey t.tiger. I am pretty new to the team. Out of curiosity, what items have you received?
  12. Tim Tiger

    John S

    Hey t.tiger. I am pretty new to the team. Out of curiosity, what items have you received?

    Over the years I have received a TT hat and T shirt, bag tag, golf balls and stickers.  I also did a profile that was posted.

    The best things I have gotten out of this site have been information and friendships.  Have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the members here and on the FootJoy forums and still correspond with most all of them in some fashion.

    I do not come here to try and get free items. It's the passionate Titleist/FootJoy followers like myself that I enjoy.  And our hosts are most gracious to allow us to share our passions.


  13. memphisunited

    John S

    Hey t.tiger. I am pretty new to the team. Out of curiosity, what items have you received?

    +1 on Tim's comments.  I've developed some great friendships through both the FJ and TT communities.  It's great to get advice from others that are as passionate about golf as I am.   And, it's good to poke fun at those guys too.

  14. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Thanks guys, we really appreciate the feedback.

    I've really enjoyed getting to know a lot of you as well and the opportunities to meet a lot of the members in person has been terrific.

    Like all of you, I'm a golfer. I'm always thinking about the game, how I can get better, what swing thought is going to be the key to the puzzle, and I'm always chasing that next lower score.

    And being able to connect with other passionate Titleist brand fans and avid golfers that share this common bond on a daily basis, is really special to me.

    So, thank you all and I look forward to meeting more of you in person and hopefully it's on the golf course.



  15. BFinger10


    Do you have any "I'd rather be driving a Titleist" license place holders lying around anywhere? Would love it on my car but can only find two items on ebay...

    Please let me know,


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