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Have a putter question? Ask Scotty Cameron Tour Rep Kelley Moser

Team Titleist

Scotty Cameron Tour Rep Kelley Moser spends most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the year out on the PGA Tour, working with players at the practice greens or building putters inside the Titleist Tour Van.

This week at the Honda Classic, Kelley will also be taking some time out of his busy schedule to hang out with Team Titleist and answer your questions about Scotty Cameron putters and putting on the PGA Tour.

Do you have a putter question for Kelley? Simply reply to this discussion thread with your question, and Kelley will do his best to answer as many as he can.


32 Replies

  1. Dbogey

    How much will the swing weight be affected if I cut down a 48 in kombi to 47in? Or should I custom order? Thanks!
  2. John W

    When can I buy a Scotty Cameron Select? What date do they hit stores? 

  3. John W

    What does it take to get your job? How long you been a Tour Rep? Whats the best thing about your job? Can I have it? You need an assistant? 

  4. Ian B


    What a great job you have. I am excited for the upcoming release of the Scotty Cameron Select Putters. When can the public get fit for the Selects?

    Thank you,


    ( I live in Dallas if that helps or hurts my chances of getting a fit sooner)

  5. Brent W

    How hard is it getting coming out with new stuff? Do you feel you are reaching the end with new designs and are going to focus more on materials and finishes?

  6. stuart c

    Thanks for doing this Kelley.  I have been using a 34 inch SS 2.7H for a few years and really like it.  I am interested in the  new 34 inch Notchback and GoLo.  How will they compare to the 2.7.  Do I order the H version for the same feel? 

  7. Guy M

    What role does putter length have in the proper setup? I am 6' tall and I feel like my 35" putter is too long. Thanks, Guy
  8. Kris L

    Hi Kelley, What's the preferred headweight on Tour? Thanks!
  9. Ben M

    I noticed a lot of different colored cord no cord california grips on tour last year, and a few still this year, like on Gary Woodland's putter.  Will these colored options ever be available to the general public?





  10. Elliott S


       Since the putters have been on tour a while now, how have the black finishes on the Cameron Select line been holding up over time? 


    Elliott Sienicki

  11. JD-PGA

    Here's one for you...what putter would you recommend for me using just the following, limited, information... Left hand low (right handed) , forward press swinging the putter inside to square...hopefully. Not great with alignment. Thanks for your assistance and recommendation . I really appreciate it. JD
  12. Jonny B


  13. John W

    The new Scotty Cameron Select's are Black and they come out this spring 

  14. Frankie G

    will cameron putters ever come in a chromatic bronze finish? will the custom shop be expanded to the point where you can start with a blank putter and add custom stampings in the places where you want as well as choosing the finish and neck style


  15. Mark A

    Hi Kelley,

    a question from Down Under.

    I've been a Scotty devotee for many years and still own around half a dozen of them, all of which are gamers from time to time.

    I've got a couple of Newports, a Red X, a Kombi S, but I'm really looking for something in between my Circa 62 No.1 and my California Del Mar.

    Any chance Scotty would consider designing a putter along the lines of a Wilson 8802 blade putter?

    That would be awesome in my opinion.



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