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Rory's Woods

bob l

Does he put a new 910 3 wood in his bag ?

Why does he stay with the 906's ?

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  1. Dennis M

    Maybe there is something about it he simply likes better and he doesn't want to change what works for him.

    I noticed a couple weeks ago that Lee Westwood is still playing Ping i10 irons, clubs about 5 years old and 2 generations of model back in the Ping line.

    I remember growing up in Kentucky and hearing Frank Beard teasing about an argument with representatives from Hillerich & Bradsby, who made his Powerbilt irons. He used a Scotch Blade model that was 10 years old and they really wanted him to use the new Citation model. His argument was, the Scotch Blade worked for him and they should be happy the irons lasted so well.

    An artist chooses his paint brushes very carefully.

  2. Cameron D


    He hasn't wanted to get rid of the 906, because he likes the looks.  He likes the 910, but doesn't mess around with his 3 wood often.



  3. Ben F

    Cameron what kind of shaft is he using in his driver? And I still have the 906 3 wood in my bag. I still hit it longer than anything else I have tried.
  4. Joe B

    There are a few players still gaming the 906.  Jesper Parnevik is one.

  5. Cameron D


    He is using the Rombax 7V05.



  6. Kelly M

    Cameron, has Rory made a change to his 3 wood since this thread was last updated?  When watching Rors on TV, it sure looks like one of his woods, has a headcover with 910f on it, if not 910fD.  Is Rory now carrying the 910 fairway driver?  If yes, what loft?  I'm guessing that he's carrying the 13.5 degree, given how long he's nailing it.  Didn't he put that in his bag right before the Accenture match play?  Just curious, thanks for any update.

  7. Cameron D


    He is still playing the 906 F2, just has a more updated head cover.  :) 



  8. Don O

    If I hit a 3W further than Ricky and D.A.'s driver,...I wouldn't change a thing.
  9. Christian J

    Ha if I was Rory I would just stick with the 906f, especially after watching him kill a 3 wood 320+ yards. That was unbelievable.
  10. Matt S

    I still have the 906 f2 3 wood. I had the 909 f2 and didn't hit it as well and I've tried the 910 and while I like it, I like the 906 better.
  11. Christopher P

    Is Rory still using that Fujikura Z-com shaft in his  Woods?  If so, what type of launch are  the shafts?  High, Medium, or Low ball flight?

  12. Bryce W

    If you guys ever get a chance to go to a pro golf tournament it will be interesting to learn there are several pros who play older clubs or even other brands that don't match the headcovers.

  13. Brian C

    Don O

    If I hit a 3W further than Ricky and D.A.'s driver,...I wouldn't change a thing.

    True.  So true.  But then you have to wonder some of these guys can hit anything.  I still am amazed at the guys hitting a 7 iron on a 200yd par 3.  

  14. Tim Tiger

    I still game a 906F with a Proto NV.  Can't find a better model.  The 910's are just as good, but not better in my opinion.

  15. Bryce W

    Yea that stuff is crazy huh!

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