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Nate S


GO RORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Matt G


  2. Hotsauce

    Adam Scott all the way

  3. Neil H

    Bill Haas and Nick Watney!

  4. Don O

    Ambassador or best player? 

    For Ambassador - Steve Stricker.

  5. Hammer

    Gary Woodland, beasts the ball and is a great young American player
  6. greg p

    I'm with Don O on this...Stricker.

  7. Christian J

    That's tough, but for golf ball it Bubba Watson, and for entire set it's Rory McIlroy.

  8. Joey R

    I am different on this topic. I am a big fan of Kyle Stanley. I am also a Clemson Alum, so seeing a Clemson player doing well always fits well with me.
  9. eduardo g

  10. Stankinator Rex

    Gotta go with local Ambassador Steve Stricker.  Overall I am impressed with Titleist's array of talented players and quality individuals.

  11. Dan C

  12. bob l

    RORY MCILROY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Moxen

    I'd have to say Rory because he's got the total game and is very enthusiastic about the Titleist brand. He loves tinkering with Vokey, Scotty, and his overall clubs. Titleist doesn't buy in to the latest flash hype such as white drivers or non-traditional shapes which may turn away some of the younger generation who like the flash but Rory certainly pulls that demographic back to the Titleist line.
  14. Robert H

    I am rooting for the home state product out of Washington state Kyle Stanley. I'm Irish... So I pull for Rory.

    My personal ambassador was my father. I never played golf as a kid. I went of to San Diego State U and played baseball and got hurt. When I came home, my dad had a brand new set of Titleist in the garage for me. He told me "Son, this is the game I know you can play, now get to work". Six months later I broke par for the first time..... It was with him. All three of my brothers, myself and my dad have always played Titleist. Besides.... He was my hero, and I wanted to be just like him.

  15. matt P

    My favorite titleist brand ambassador is gary woodland because he is from kansas university

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