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D2 vs D3's on Tour

Chris J

Is there a list or count of how many pros uses the 910 D2 versus 910 D3? I looked on the website and there are just way too many players to click on each one and count. I was just wondering if you had a shortlist you could post of who is using what or total count for each used on the PGA tour. Preferably shortlist just wonder what lofts are used since the 910's are "adjustable."

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  1. Nate S

    They use the lofts that fit THEM!!!!! NOT YOU!!! If you are looking to find out what loft you should use then go get fit!

  2. Chris J

    Thank you for providing me with a useless reply. You assume I wanted this information because I wanted to get fit just like pros but I have been fitted for my clubs and hit them just fine. Some people just like to look at differ data and trends on the differ tours but I will be sure to send my questions to you first so they can be answered before I post since you have all the answers. ;)

  3. Don O

    Just slightly more useful, their clubs can resemble what you can buy only slightly more than a NASCAR resembles a new car on the showroom floor.  One long-time PGA player on contract with a different vendor debated a 13.5 degree driver for one of the CA events this year.  A 13.5 degree driver is not an option in that catalog.  I'm not sure you can buy Bubba's 7.5 degree driver even if it fit your swing.  Probably can't get Phil's latest putter (styled from his original pro putter from the early 90's).

    One Titleist pro is using a 10 year old design iron. 

    At least with the wedge works Titleist is making more of the customization available to the pros available to the rest.

  4. MK

    Here is a straight forward answer. I do not think there is a list for this data. There might be one for the guys in the Tour Van but nothing for the public. The best way to find out is like you mentioned, click one each player you are interested in and log it that way. 

  5. John L

    Nate Buddy i think you've been stairing at this blog to long. Two winters ago i got tired of all the cold weather golf ball topics and with out intending to call the blog a bunch of winers the sum of my post did exactly that. Long story short Save face and if a topic gets under your skin just don't coment. Thats what i do every time is see someone ask if there clubs are real becouse they paid 200 dollars for a brand new 910 driver off some website based in china. i just don't get into it. let it go its a discussion forum and people are gona bring up topics you think is comon knowlage or they might write a question that you miss inturperate. it happens. P.S. what happen the the spell check option im sure i look pretty stupid with all my miss-spellings now hahahaha
  6. Quintin H


    I thought a Titleist selling point was that you can get what the pros play.

    I noticed you used "a different vendor" player as a Titleist player playing irons designed 10 years ago, were those irons made 10 yrs ago or made special this year?

    Do you have any examples of Titleist club players using clubs unavailable to us?

  7. Don O

    Web Simpson has been using 680 irons since college.  I'm going to assume he has worn out a few faces since then.  Rory has 2 906Fs, but they may be original.

    Phil and Bubba both have lofts that may be available for right handers, just not to left-handers on the street.  Titleist has done a good job of extending their current products to seniors and left-handers.  You might have to go to the Tour Trailer to see how the Touring Pros clubs are tweaked.  Most of the pros do use 909/910/912 equipment.

    I do carry mostly Titleist in the bag - primarily because I am senior and left-handed.  Only the local Advanced Fitter had equipment to fit me.  Most other carts couldn't do it, the only exception was Ping.

  8. John L

    gary woodland plays a crome version of the 712 not the satin finish. not to be a smart ass but that dose answer your question Quintin. plus until recent you couldnt get a 7.5 910. but tour pro's had them

  9. Quintin H


    I use 990b irons, they are older than 680's. I have some 906f2's, but I prefer the older version  904f. I really doubt that Titleist made a set of 680's or 906f's while they were in production of a newer model.........they may have left overs setting around to replace the pros clubs, but when they are gone I really doubt they will make them anymore.

    Phil and Bubba are not Titleist equipment players, if you want to complain that they get special clubs then you need to complain to their equipment manufacturers (sorry I can't tell you who they play for, I tried in my first post and it was edited out)............and when Phil was a Titleist equipment player, Titleist made irons that were available to left handers only.


    Yes a finish is something different, but not exactly the same thing as a pro using a 5* driver when 9.5* is the lowest loft you can buy, a finish you can have done, you can even have your driver painted pink if you want.

  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Not to get in the middle of this interesting discussion, but to answer Chris' question about D2's vs D3's on Tour, year to date through the Valero Texas Open, there have been approximately 3.5 times as many D3's in play as D2's.

    When a player such as Webb or Steve Stricker or Rory has clubs and they are not likely to change because they don't like change, we will save some of the clubs to replace when they need new ones.  When the saved sets or clubs or shafts are gone, they are gone and they will switch.  

    Most of the guys on Tour liked the satin look over the chromed look and we made the switch.  The satin look is still a chromed finish, but it is buffed.  On Gary's irons, he was the only one that wanted the shiny chrome, so we did not buff his set.  

    Our product cycles are two years, so we will do prototype testing on tour to see what head/heads are most accepted and then choose what we will bring to production.  There will be prototype heads that a couple of the guys really liked, but were in the minority, so we won't produce them, but they will keep them so on occasion you will see clubs that are not produced.  So, in general, most all the clubs played by our Tour players such as the 910 D2 and D3 are the same as the ones sold at retail.  

  11. Cody D

    Wow, I'm with you John. I don't get involved with threads that are mind numbing either. Nate just sounds angry. If he can't respect the opinions from other TT members on this forum then he should just find another outlet for his information

  12. Don O

    Quinton -

    I was never complaining about any club any pro is using, I was just pointing out that the Tour Vans just make them a little extra special.  There will be parts in the parts bin that never did or never will again be available on the street.  I used Phil and Bubba since all 3 of us are sinister.  I do know which companies supply their clubs.  Their drivers are not stock, left or right, but in my case, as a mature player (I might even try a driver from another company for no other reason than they have L/M/R/S/X shafts - referring to the A-Flex as the M-Flex (Mature)), Titleist is one of only 2 companies that offers full lines to left handers.  Only one of the companies sponsoring the more famous left-handers offers full lines in sinister.   Now that Titleist offers a 12 degree 910D2 (LH) there are 3 driver lines with this loft.  I'm not aware of other vendor fairways (LH) in other than 15/19 (3/5W) except the 910F series.

    So by default/design, I do use almost a full line of Tittleist clubs, but because they work for me, not because I think I'm using the same clubs as Webb or Steve (I'd settle for their swings).

    ...To note, we sinister players would like Scotty to come over to the dark side a little more.  :-)

  13. Stankinator Rex

    Thanks for the reply, Cathi.  Good to see useful information delivered in a friendly way that advances the conversation.


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