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Just a quick shout out to Kevin Na

Brent W

Hey just wanted to say congrats to Kevin for a good Tournament. He handled things great and I was disappointed to hear the hecklers.

I hope us TT Members can sympathize with him and encourage him. It was great he tried hard to keep up so Matt did not have to wait so much.

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  1. David Browning

    Na had a great tournament. Like he said, he just needs to work on a few things. I'm interested in seeing how he does the rest of the year.
  2. Justinu3

    I was rooting for him hard!  I mean how can you not!  I know he's slow but I would take my time if I carded a 16 too!

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    I agree with you.  It seems the authorities would prefer having the raucous crowds similar to team sports, but what they don't take into account is that it is one team against another so yelling and screaming is part of the game.  I think golf is different because we root for golfers, not against them.  We can relate to their problems because we play and most golfers have struggled with their game at one point or another. Encouraging non-golfers to yell or heckle golfers as they play doesn't make our great game better - maybe it improves their TV ratings, though?  

  4. Eric R

    Even before Na's pre-shot issues this week, he was long known as being one of the SLOWEST players on tour.  I've read that other players would joke in the locker room about how they got the "short end of the straw" when they learned that they got paired with Na.  And this was before Na's latest waggle over kill episodes.  With that said, yes, I agree, there's no place for heckling on the golf course and sets a really really bad example as far as proper etiquette is concerned for kids who might be tuning into a tournament, also sets a really really bad example when us amateurs, especially the younger kids who might not know better and want to emulate the pros, see such slow play.  Play on public courses (especially in the NYC area) is ridiculously slow, and that needs to change, and hopefully the tour pros can lead more by example.  And if they can't, then the tour needs to start enforcing some existing or come up with new rules to promote faster play.



  5. Chris F

    I was rooting for him hard also.  I felt bad for him.  This is similar to what Steve Sax and Chuck Knoblauch went through in baseball having a mental block that affected their trowing to first base.  Things like this can end careers.  I really hope for Kevin's sake he figures it out.  

    As for the hecklers, there is no place for them in our game.  What purpose does it serve?  Not to mention that there are imperssionable young golfers at these events.  They certainly don't need to hear it either. 

    Courageous performance none the less.

  6. Trevor D

    Not gonna lie, Ben Crane and Kevin Na used to both be players I dispised for their slow play. At the end of the day, Ben Crane seems like a really good guy that cant seem to help the mental process that he has to go through and I think Kevin Na just happens to fit in that category as well. I have a whole new respect for Na though, when I saw him on camera practically RUNNING to his ball to keep pace. Says a lot about the guy and the demons he knows hes fighting. I feel really bad for the guy and I'm a Kevin Na fan now...
  7. JPHB

    I agree man - he's having some pre-shot problems - but I'm sure he'll get past them.  I play with a friend who had trouble pulling the trigger at one point, but he got past it.

    I think any hecklers should be removed from the course immediately - I also wish these guys would stop yelling "get in the hole" even when a player is teeing off on a par 5 - how ridiculous is that.

    Congrats to Matt - great win.

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