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Ricky Fowler Hitting Titleist Fairway Woods?

Christopher P

In this month's Golf magazine for iPad there is an interactive swing sequence for Ricky.  During the takeaway, it sure does look like a 910F.  Are my eyes playing tricks on me?


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  1. Shake

    I think he uses the i20

  2. Frankie G

    nope.fowler is playing an i20 15 degrees with a diamana x 80 shaft

  3. Chris S

    Rickie's bag is mostly Titleist except for his driver and hybrid. It's not uncommon for pro's to have a mixed bag.

  4. Chris S

    My bad ;)

  5. Lou G

    I thought some of the advertisements show him playing the Amp clubs.

  6. Christopher P

    I took a screenshot off my iPad today to post here.  I'm almost positive this is a Titleist and not a Ping i20.



  7. GeoSchiss

    I'm pretty sure that Ricky is playing Cobra Amp Prototype blades.  The only titleist in his bag are the wedges and putter.

  8. Austin T

    Ya. Pretty confident that Ricky is playing close to all Cobra, which is owned by Puma, which is pretty much why he plays the clubs. He switched to them quite a while ago this year.

  9. Christopher P

    Let me try again.


  10. Lou G

    Christopher P

    Let me try again.


    It does look like a Titleist.   I did see a recent advertisement in Golf Digest where he was shown with the new Cobra AMP series clubs.

  11. Shake

    The ones that say rickie uses a titleist are old and before he switched to cobra golf. He doesn't use the amp 3 wood. He uses them in commercials to get us to buy them since he's with cobra golf. If you go on yahoo or google and type in 'golf channel what's in the bag rickie fowler' click on the link for golf channel and it says what he used when he won for first time this year on PGA tour

  12. Christian M

    Christopher P

    I took a screenshot off my iPad today to post here.  I'm almost positive this is a Titleist and not a Ping i20.



    I have to agree there, I know I've seen where he carries an i20 now. But on the Golf Magazine swing sequence, if you look on the back of his hat, it doesn't have the big COBRA logo like he does now. So my take is that the video/pictures was/were take when he was still with Titleist.
  13. Geoffrey B

    Actually, I thought he was playing his cobra amp clubs.

  14. Dustin S

    Rickie is playing a one-off custom prototype iron that has AMP stamped in the back. It really isn't cobra and it really isn't Titleist. 

    Isn't it crazy what the pros ACTUALLY play vs?! 

  15. David Browning

    Fowler actually went on "record" when he went to the other company, and said that he had most of his new clubs modeled just like the Titleist equipment he used.

    Sometimes magazine companies show a players swing sequence from a while back, possibly when he was with Titleist. However, a rep of one of the companies mentioned that he is/was, using an i20.




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