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Who is the best Titleist Staff Player

Henry T

Choose you you think is the best Titleist Staff Player

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  1. Christian J

    Before I would always go with Rory, clearly because he is the best!  Now however, I have to go with Dufner.  If you look at his stats, they are remarkable!  He had two wins, a second, and 8 top tens!  The cherry on top though would have to be no missed cuts which is amazing, even Rory missed 5!  

  2. Hotsauce

    That's a tough one.  Scott, Stricker, and Duffner definitely come to mind.  I have to go with Scott at the moment.

  3. Andrew J

    Duffy is the best player with Titleist.  He is going to have a huge year in 2013.  I just can't figure out why Titleist backs Fowler

  4. Eric S

    I would also have to go with Dufner, because he's hitting so many GIR and he's also putting really well. So Duff for me.

  5. Shaun H

    I really think Steve Stricker is the hands down favorite. For what he does for the game, he's a consistent winner, and the class and integrity he brings to this sport is great! Plus who can forget, he's from Wisconsjn and practices during the winter up here! Thanks for Team Titleist for keeping a class act on their staff!

  6. Ron M.

    Dufer is a great choice if he does good in fantasy this week for me :)....Great ambassador for Titleist

  7. Ryan K

    Got to go with Dufner here. Consistency is very important in golf and nobody has been as consistent as Dufner the past year to year in a half. 

  8. Tom S.

    Dufner! He doesnt make bad decisions,very solid player all around. But they all are good! Wish I had that much talent!

  9. Steve H

    The Duff-Meister....  He has the entire package, total ice man on the course, rolls with the punches, and at the end of the day, he wins!!!

  10. Steve H

    WOW!!! No votes for Zach Johnson...... Still doesn't get my vote!!

  11. AJAR

    C'mon guys, we all know Adam Scott is the best.

    I would also like to add Bud Cauley is showing some promising skillz.

  12. ToddL

    Stricker is my choice!  Steady and strong.  

  13. Manuel M

    My current first choice is Jason Dufner. He is an all around great player. I also like Adam Scott and Mateo Manassero. Their were others but they no longer reside with the Best in Golf! Team Titleist for Life!!!

    Respectfully, Manny M.

  14. Dylan C

    Im going with who I most see on the tv. Duffner is always on. He was in Dubai two weeks ago to get lower in the WER as there is alot of points available there. Love Duffy

  15. Sean O

    In my opinion it would be anybody who plays Titleist because Titleist is such a great company and they are obviously the #1 in everything in golf!

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