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How to get a full time caddy.

Griffin N

I need some advice on caddies because I am going on tour internationally and need to know if anyone has ever gotten a personal caddy. I would like to know if anyone has some recommendations or advice on how to find a good one. 

Any help is appreciated 


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  1. A.P. Cooper

    Greetings Griffin,

    My name is Cooper and I am a full time caddie. Currently I am employed as an independent contractor certified by the Professional Caddie's Association at Pelican Hill Golf Resort in Newport Coast, CA. Congratulations on your opportunity to play internationally on tour. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding a personal caddie, but in general, it seems to be the norm for many players on any tour to elect a close friend or family member that they are comfortable on the course with, and if not, then typically another professional golfer or instructor who they are familiar with and trust to give solid info and reads on top of  all the essential functions and sometimes valuable on the fly instruction when helpful. 

    Some players really don't need a caddie to do anything other than carry the bag and have the luxury of hiring someone who just makes for good company and fun on the course. I suggest asking any coaches or instructors you have or have had in the past if they have any recommendations as to who they would put on your bag before you start going on websites such as and the like to search for random guys completely outside of your circles. If you don't get any leads though, perhaps I can meet up with you for a session at the range and a round or two and see if I may be a good fit for the job.

    Good luck either way and I hope I was able to at least provide some useful insight. Have a good one and a great rest of the holiday season.

    -A.P. Cooper

  2. Spencer B

    The most important trait to look for is someone you get along with. With this being said someone with experience would be better off. I would go with your heart on the selection once you have it narrowed down considering you will be spending so much time together, traveling and on the course/practice facilities.

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