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Magnus S

What do you think about the wind delays on Hawaii? 50 mph? ever played in such wind?

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  1. Jim R

    I play the bulk of my rounds on Kauai and is not uncommon to play in "real windy" days.  For the most part the trades blow, I would say 10-20 with moderate gusts.  On any given storm system moving though that part of the Pacific you can see gusts up to 35-45, with sustained winds 20-30.  When you have a good round going it is frustrating to have a ball move around on the green after being at rest, but it happens.  I have been talking with my mates that I play with in Hawaii and this can be looked at in two ways.  It is unfair for a ball at rest to move, especially if it rolls off the green but high wind does bring in a mental toughness you have to fight through to play a round.  You can complain about it or take it as a challenge and have fun with it.  I liked Fowler's comments about being fun and I think that would make for better TV and see the best in the world working in adverse conditions, it puts a premium on placing the ball in good places on the greens.  I think that some have ego's that will not allow themselves to go out and blow up in a tournament and I think the PGA has to be considerate of that.  I personally have not just walked off a golf course due to high wind, makes the game that much more fun.  Nothing like having wind dead in your face and you have 135 yd shot to the stick and you have to hit a 5 iron!  That is just not right when you are standing over the shot... Just my thought. 



  2. Christian J

    Right now imo it looks like a 60/40% chance that we will get under way.  Forecast is showing 10-20 mph winds, but a 30% chance of rain.  However if you saw what some of them played through on Friday, there will have to be lightning for them not to start.  I'm hoping for the best and feel for everyone out there.  Major disappointment for sponsors and those who planned their vacation specifically for this tournament.  If they don't play today, I would expect a cancellation of the tournament unfortunately.  

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