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TV call-in officials


I wish the PGA would eliminate TV callers to second guess on course rule officials and tour players.   Tour players are for the most part honest in calling rule infractions on themselves.  Really gets under my skin.  Any thoughts?


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  1. Christian J

    I agree with you!  The point of the game is to be honest, and call out your own mistakes.  I believe the problem though, is that the rules are too complicated.  They need to focus more on simplifying the rules, and less on the call ins.  If they did that, then they wouldn't have to worry about the call ins.  Golf is supposed to be fun, but with all these rules it gets confusing and that drives people away from the sport.

  2. Curtis M

    Can you imagine having to be the person taking these calls?   Some people would just go crazy with calling in to try and get someone they were not rooting for penalized with crazy BS thats not against any rule.   You dont see football, hockey, baseball or any other sport doing anything like this, and with good purpose.   Most people would play favorites with who they like.  Heck, if football did this I would be calling in every play that hurt Dallas!!   Totally agreed though with this should not be allowed. 

  3. bert h

    Breaking a rule is breaking a rule. In other sports there are more than one official to watch and then they miss some calls. Would you have an official with every group? Out of the question. Calling in violations, if my memory serves me, is not a big problem. When was the last time you heard of it...TW's fiasco is what this is about. He broke a rule. Maybe not intentionally but nevertheless he broke a rule. signed an incorrect score card and should have been DQ'd. I can find nothing in the rules that states a committee must tell him before he signs his card. Committee error, you bet. TW error.  You bet. Withdrawing from the Masters was in order.

  4. Cody W

    To be honest the call-ins need to go, not only is it ridiculous, but in what other sport are fans allowed to call in rules, none.  Also not every player gets the same amount of TV time.  This is a serious disadvantage to big name players because almost their entire round is televised where as some people don't even have a shot televised.  So the chances of them being called in on are much greater.  It needs to go.

  5. Deno

    I think when a player is taking a drop that takes at least 3 or 4 minutes, a rules official should be there to observe and notify the player immediately afterward of a rules infraction.  .   They aren't with every group, but can get there to oversee the situation as in DJ's case.    I do  think the call-ins are welcomed by the Tour or else would have been stopped long ago.   Fan inclusion is their main objective.

  6. KEITH S

    I agree that call ins should not be a part of the golf game. I believe the responsibility falls on the player and the player(s) partnered with him that day. In the case of the Masters, TW should have consulted his playing companion(s) just as he did on Sunday at "The Players" on hole 14.

    The fiasco at the Masters started, when Jim Nance got involved (behind the scenes) after the rules committee exonerated TW.

    Here's a thought, we know there is no way to have rule guys w/ every tee time, so why not:

    1) have a 10 RO's on the course (on every ODD # green )

    2) Allow call ins using TV coverage on the back nine only, but only allow the on course officials receive this communication via some type of DATA system.

    3) NO INSTANT REPLAY - if its not discussed on the course at the time of the incident, too bad.

    These purses are ridiculously high, I believe the players would sacrifice purse $ for a few extra RO's (Rules Officials).

    Just one mans opinion 

  7. Hotsauce

    Totally agree. If baseball won't use instant replay, why should golf?  These guys police themselves so well- losing playoff holes by brushing straw in a hazard, rolling balls on a green etc... They don't need armchair referees. 

  8. Parthur

    I agree that call ins should not be allowed. One of the biggest reasons, as Cody W noted, is that the players in the lead, and "big name" players get the majority of the air time, and therefore are the most likely to be scrutinized. Also noted is whether or not the viewer is a fan of the player. Example being, if he was a TW fan, I doubt he would have called to have his guy penalized. If it cannot be fair, it should not be allowed.

  9. mark w

    Simply Hell No! We don't allow in in any other sports.

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