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Jason Dufner

David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

He's one of my favorite Titleist Staffers. He reminds me of Stricker. A few years ago, Stricker wasn't heard of often and you rarely seen his name on the leaderboard(s). Now look at him. Same thing with Dufner. A while back, he was struggling. Now, he's been pretty solid. He's on that fine line of breaking through (same goes for Stricker). I'm wondering WHEN? WHERE? The last 2 Major's seem to fit his game pretty well. Especially at Oak Hill. 

It seems like the 2013 PGA season is flying by this year. The Open Championship and P.G.A. aren't too far away. There's still plenty of golf to be played. It would be really nice to see him win, say, this week at the Traveler's. If so, that would give him even more motivation/confidence, going in to the final 2 Major's of the year, which would make him more likely to win a Major. That would be nice! 

I love watching him play and wish him the best of luck. His time WILL come soon!

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  1. David Browning

    So far, Jason's in the lead. I was right about his game fitting Oak Hill. He's playing some sweet golf. Nice...AWESOME...ball striking. Eagle on the 2nd, during the 2nd. Bogey free 2nd round. 26 putts. A record 63! Wow. 

    I'm really hoping that he can pull it off this year. Like Adam winning his 1st Major, if Dufner wins this, it'll give him the confidence that he needs to start winning more tournaments. 

    Team Titleist is all over the leader board! It'll be interesting to see how the weekend plays out. Good luck Jason!

  2. AJAR

    Talk about a poker face. I think Jason has given the nod to the 714 AP2s. This man has certainly played some strong golf. Go Jason. 

  3. AJAR

    Duff Daddy!!!!

    Solid approach shots. Congrats to Jason Duffner. 

  4. Brandon C

    I completely agree with you on Jason Dufner being one of the favorites. I have certainly enjoyed watching Jason play not only this weekend at the PGA Championship but for the past few years. First off Congrats to Jason for finally winning a major championship and this will most certainly elevate Dufner both on tour but also within his own mindset.

  5. Bill L

    This duel was classic between Jason and Jim. You know your in the zone when other tour players are commenting on how good the ball striking is.

    Congratulations to Jason Dufner on a great week.

  6. David C

    Duff Daddy is the man.  Mark my words.  This win will open up the flood gates for a win a the Masters!!!!!

  7. David Browning

    David C

    Duff Daddy is the man.  Mark my words.  This win will open up the flood gates for a win a the Masters!!!!!

    I was thinking the same thing. Now that he's won a Major, he'll be more adapted to winning more. Yeah, Augusta is unlike any other course out there, but, again, I think that his game fits that course as well. 

    I love his demeanor. I've never seen him throw clubs or anything. He's so calm and collective. With the huge support of his wife, Amanda, and his dedication to the reminds me of Barbara and Jack, and we all know how he turned out. 

    It's not official, yet, BUT, I know he'll be at the Village in October. Which, would be his first ever President's Cup appearance! 

  8. Joe R

    Hey David, you had Duff's number way back in June, you hit the mark with his possible win at the PGA, glad to see Duff win that major, looking for more great wins from him in the coming years.. he plays so cool, calm and collected, that's why i like him...

  9. David Browning

    Yeah...since I called this win months ago, how about some prizes :) ?

  10. Jason M

    Love his demeanor and approach to the game.  Pretty cool that he wants to grow oak trees from OHCC on his property in AL as well as donate some trees to Auburn.  Good guy!

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