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Prototype Clubs

David W. H

Much was made of PM's "special" 3 and 4 woods used at the US Open. I know, I know those are a different brand but it raised a question. When a tour player is given a prototype to test has it already been determined that it conforms to USGA standards? Has the USGA already tested it? Is it even tested? 

Having visited the USGA facility in Far Hills I know it is exhaustive testing process. So how far in advance is it sent to them?

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  1. Chris P

    Wouldn't a player be DQ'd if it wasn't USGA approved?  I would think in a case like PM's, the mfgs would have a special inside track to getting quick approval. 

  2. David Browning

    Definitely. They plan for stuff like that weeks and months ahead of time. 

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