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Thoughts on the Open Championship...

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

Personally, this is one of my favorite tournaments of the year. It's always fun to wake up early and start watching some great golf.

Everything about the tournament - the history, the different venues, the locations and scenery, the creativity of the players hitting all types of shots with every club in their bag just makes the Open a lot of fun.

What's your favorite part of the Open Championship? 

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  1. AJAR

    Every year, at around about this time, I scratch my head and wonder how the hell I would survive a round of golf at the courses that play host to The Open Championship. It would undoubtedly be an adventure of creative shotmaking, at least in my mind's eye. I imagine after a few dozens of ProV1x balls and unwrapping the layers of fescue from my ankles, I would learn that a focus on swinging well within myself and working with the environment is the only way I come back to the club house with a score under triple digits. This is what I love about The Open Championship, the courses are baffling.

  2. Chris S

    I think you nailed it Mike! I love everything about the Open Championship. 

     Chris S

  3. ToddL

    I like watching the worlds best play in all sorts of weather.  They have to make great shots rather than boom the drive and hit a wedge.  It is always fun to watch the 250 yard drive that rolls another 150 yards and lands in a pot bunker that the golfer needs to hit backwards out of.  

    Ahhh, and it all starts early Thursday AM!  Can't wait!

  4. memphisunited

    Couldn't agree more Mike.  All those things you mentioned are the same reasons I like watching the Open Championship.  It's a nice change of pace watching golf played differently on the links courses.  Playing shots low and along the ground is fun to watch.  It's the same reason I like watching the European Tour during the mornings on the Golf Channel.

  5. David Browning

    I enjoy the history about the Open and each venue. Especially Muirfield. After Mr. Nicklaus' Open win in '66, he loved it sooooo much, that the name of the Village was named after that. 

    I too enjoy watching each player to see what kind of shots they have in their bag. It's definitely nothing like most of the courses that we play here in the States. Like, most of the bunkers here in the States are relatively easy to work with. In the Open, it's an accomplishment to just get the ball out, even if it means hitting it back towards the tees.  

    The Open hasn't been at Muirfield since 2002. Obviously, the guys get to play practice rounds, but, for most of them, Muirfield will be a new course to them. For some, it'll even be their first Open to play in. 

    I can't wait until it starts. It should make for an interesting week(end) in golf! With a lot of "twist and turns". I know that Adam's been practicing pretty hard for this tournament. As I mentioned in a different thread, I'd like to see him win the Open. He's been so close before. The fact that he's now a Major champion is a huge perk for him. I'm sure he gained a lot of confidence from that Sunday at Augusta. We'll just have to wait it out and see what happens!

  6. Bill P


        Couldn't agree more...the rotation of courses, and the weather, always makes for interesting outcomes, and it is nice to watch some live golf during treadmill time early in the morning....!!

         Let's see who knocks in the first 50 yard putt this year...!!


  7. Tim Tiger

    I love the unpredictability of the tournament.   No two days are ever the same due to weather and the pin placements/tee box changes.  To win the Open you must have a wide array of shots.  Players can't just bomb it down every fairway.

    Plus the history on every course in the rotation keeps us watching every minute of the coverage.


  8. Mike C

    I think the best part of t the open Championship is the inconsistency and unpredictability of the weather and how the players adapt.  Anybody who has played across the pond on some of the wonderful links courses knows that things can change rapidly.  I have had rounds that went from 65 degrees and sunny with a light breeze to 45 degrees with 50 mph winds and driving rain all in the same round.  These changes in conditions really keeps things interesting.  It's fun to watch how the pros, many of whom are used to typical "parkland" courses in the U.S., change their game to play in these conditions.

  9. Hotsauce

    I love it as well.  It's got a different feel than any other tournament of the year.  I love to watch the Euro tour and this is like watching all my favorites play on it for one weekend.  Eventhough we see these courses every couple of years, it's always so unpredictable with the weather and all.  Another thing I love about The Open Championship is the history and tradition.  Take Ivor Robson for instance

    He puts Michael Buffer (are you ready to rummmmmmble) to shame.  Little nuances like this make this major special.  I will be up dark and early to watch this one!

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